Next Steps….

Starting a new chapter in the book of life…as this year I embark on a year long trip to India to help those who have been sold into the commercial sex trade. Join me….as a single life changes the world and a single heart touches millions!

7 Months…


It’s hard to imagine that I have been here for over half of my expected stay. 7 Months have passed like the wind and only 4 more are left here. Today, Monday, is what SB and I call our Sabbath day, as pretty much every other day of the week we are running 90mph (145kph) to nothing, and I am sitting here realizing that I have not updated this since the 26th of February. I am also sitting in a dark place today, figuratively not literally (although the literal is happening more often than not with summer being here and everyone has their air conditioners on), musing over my time here and the works that I have seen God do not only through me but in me. I am also just plain sad for some reason.

Now for updates….

We have been busy for the last few weeks. The beginning of March SB and I made a jet set trip to Goa so that I could do some preliminary planning for a medical camp in April. RR guest house in Goa is great as it is set right on the beach…a nice little get-a-way from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore…I am also excited because two close friends from the US will are on the team for this trip and I have also found out that some other friends from the US will be in Goa at the same time. It will be great to see some friendly/family faces from home. 🙂 I am looking forward to the medical camp as I will of course be in my element and I get to spread my wings a little as I will be leading this camp. Prayers are appreciated. The camp will run April 14-18th.


After the trip to Goa we brought back two of our team mates from there to spend a few days with us here. It was a whirlwind of shopping, eating, meeting and getting my root canal finished but so much fun to have David and Grace here even if it was only for a few days.

The last few weeks have been just keeping up with our usual places that we visit on a daily basis….

The government women’s home that we go to 3 days a week has seen a little change in the volume of women there, but this is a common occurrence as women come and go on a pretty regular basis. We have shifted our training from focusing on the reading, writing, arithmetic, to trying to teach them a skill or vocational craft that RR maybe able to sell in their store or online catalog. The ladies are excited about this shift and much more eager to learn. Keep your eyes posted in the next few weeks as something should be unveiled soon…

Our newest venture in the slum is a big hit so far with everyone there. SB and I are still learning everyday that we go out there but by the time that we head back to the US we should have it all set in place. It is my hope that after my year commitment it is up here that I will be able to return every couple of months to check on the status of everything here. So far our building has been a life saver for us to get in out of the heat and as of yesterday we now have electricity and a fan was installed for us!!!! YAY!!!!!  Our hope is to have our auto driver, who is a believer and helped us so much get the building, start a “Young Men’s group” in the area as this is a large part of the problem with a lot of the ministries here…they focus on the women and the children but forget about the men. The men are the ones that are having a lot of the troubles and often are really searching for God.

At the HIV/AIDS clinic things are going well. Raju, the founder, has asked our help in getting one of the young ladies that he has in the children’s home some further training as she will finish high school the end of this month. We are working with some other network partners to see if this will be possible.

In closing please keep all of these updates in your prayers, on your minds and hearts as you go through the day. I am so blessed to be here and as I finish this post I am thanking him because my sadness has slipped away…I look at all I have typed and see each one as a flower that has bloomed in a valley.

Thank you Father for being my shepherd that brings me here to lay beside cool streams.

I read a devotional several weeks back and  I am reminded that it is in these valleys that God does his greatest work with us. The writer told us that although we love to be on the mountain top, because that is where we feel closest to God, that is not where things grow. On the mountain top you will often only find rocks and weeds and maybe the occasional flower but in the valley you find lush green carpets of grass meadows, and gardens of flowers, streams of water.  Much like the lush green grass and the flowers growing in the valley we too are growing during these times in the valley. God is refining us and growing us up.

545067_2995071391010_916774240_n Valley-Of-Flowers

Emotional valleys are no fun to be in but in all things praise Him.

Author: karenaedwards71

I am a retired RN and am now going across the world to do what God gave me skill and passion to people!

5 thoughts on “7 Months…

  1. Sounds like you are healthy and happy. Your uncle Joe was in a car accident. Has some problems. Keep him in your prayers.


  2. Love and miss you. All is well here.


  3. my heart is so full of joy reading this update, Karena. I think of you often and this just brings a huge smile to my face. May you feel the Lord lift your countenance this very day as you are serving Him well. You are touching eternity and truly an example to us all. God bless your work there.


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