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Starting a new chapter in the book of life…as this year I embark on a year long trip to India to help those who have been sold into the commercial sex trade. Join me….as a single life changes the world and a single heart touches millions!

Quick update!

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So today was the day that we were visiting the catholic church about the building we were interested in renting. In speaking with some friends from church we had discovered that it is more favorable to to approach the “Father” with a “connection” some one who is already associated with the catholic church. It just so happened that one of  our “Auto” drivers is a practicing catholic and he was happy to help us out. Unfortunately I don’t think the church was really keen on our working in the area and told us the lady that actually owns the building was not interested in renting it to us or anyone else for that matter.

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However, our auto driver being the saint that he is stuck around to help us the rest of the day in looking for places to rent in the area.After some walking and looking w e had found one place that was just a little way from the area that we are working in and had pretty much settle on that. So we went to the slum to start doing our house visits…As our driver was waiting for us he continued to look around and found another spot for us that was available. Funny it was the spot we had just asked the church about! This time he was speaking directly to the owner of the building and she was more than happy to rent it to us.  So praise the Lord we have found a place and will hopefully start working in it as soon as this Sunday. We will travel back out there tomorrow (Friday) to ask some final questions and hopefully pay a deposit, we already have the key!!!!!

God really does answer prayer, so thanks to all of you who have been praying! Keep it up!

Author: karenaedwards71

I am a retired RN and am now going across the world to do what God gave me skill and passion to people!

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