Next Steps….

Starting a new chapter in the book of life…as this year I embark on a year long trip to India to help those who have been sold into the commercial sex trade. Join me….as a single life changes the world and a single heart touches millions!

Praise and Prayers!!!!


Thank you for the prayers!!!! God is so good all the time and all the time God is good!

Updates and Praise reports….

1. So A’s wedding did happen and we have unfortunately lost touch with her because she has moved to another area of the city. SB and I are trying to get with her mom to find out where she is living so that we can continue to connect with her and share God’s love. I don’t know if I had shared with you before but A had stated previously that she and her family were believers but had been hurt by the church and therefore converted back to hinduism. With the help of the Christmas team and the continued follow-up that SB and I have had with this family God is softening this families heart again.  Please continue to pray for “A” and her family and that SB and I will be able to connect with them.

2. Our translator for the slum area that we are working in continues to ask for prayer on her engagement. Thankfully there is no set date for this wedding as both the bride and the groom are very young. God is a God who answers prayers, maybe not the ways that we think they should be answered but he answers them just the same. Please continue to pray for this young woman and her young groom.

3. Praise Report!!! The slum area where we are trying to focus a good bit of our time is starting to come together! SB and I visit this area twice a week and as I have said in previous updates we have been given the go ahead to find a space where we can move our activities indoors. In our visit this past week we think we may have found that space!!! It is an absolute answer to prayer!!! The building is one that we have been meeting in front of for the last several weeks because it casts a nice shadow in the late afternoon. I have mentioned to SB that it would be great if we could get this building for our center as it is centrally located and perfect sized but alas our translator has always said “no auntie I think someone lives there”. Well this past week while we were there some of the ladies from the area called us over to the building say hello. While we are feebly trying to converse with the ladies SB said to me “hey look…Jesus is in there!”, oblivious I look around and see a picture of Jesus behind the bars of the window in this building. Mind you we have never seen this picture there before!!!!!  So we had our translator ask the ladies who, if anyone, is living in the building or owns it. The ladies replied that the catholic church owns the building but they don’t use it very much. 🙂 What an answered prayer!!!!!!  So our next step will be to talk to the catholic church in the area and see if it will be possible to rent the building from them to carry on social work type activities. Another answered prayer was that a woman who introduced us to this area who is also praying about planting a church here has been offered some land to do just that. So in one week we have found a building to do social work and medical and an area for a church plant…WOW!!!! Praise be to God!


4. Praise!!! God has really filled our week up so that what was feeling like a lot of home sickness has turned back into thanking him everyday for allowing me to be here in the country that I love with the people that I love. God is allowing me to do so much more hands on medical here in the slum that we visit, the women’s center and the other care center that we help at during the week. He is reminding me that “YES” he did send me here for a reason and that I just needed to be still and listen.

Please continue to pray…

-That we will be able to reconnect with A. In reconnecting with her we will meet her new husband and be able to share the gospel with him and his family too.

-Continued prayer M and her groom, first and foremost that God’s will be done in all of this. Her groom is not a believer so please pray that he may become a believer through this.

-For us to be able to connect with the Catholic church and that we would have favor with them and be able to rent this building.

-Continued favor in the slum not only with the people there but also the people around the area.

-Strength, wisdom, courage to keep fighting the battle here in India as SB and I approach our 6 month mark of being away from home.

Author: karenaedwards71

I am a retired RN and am now going across the world to do what God gave me skill and passion to people!

3 thoughts on “Praise and Prayers!!!!

  1. My prayers are continually with you.


  2. Still praying, here! Blessings on you and your team. 🙂


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